Which is better preferring a hostel or a paying guest (PG) in Kota? And why?

Lodging and food are most important thing for all students who come to Kota for preparation of different competitive exams like IIT JEE, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET (UG) and NTSE or Other.

People mostly search for PG or a Hostel in nearby areas of coaching centers like Mahaveer Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Vigyan Nagar, Talwandi. There are two options either you take a P. G. in Kota or take a Room in Hostel.

1. P.G. in Kota

Families in prominent areas like Mahaveer Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Vigyan Nagar, Talwandi are giving rooms on rent as PG facilities to students. Parents prefer PG because of family environment and security of their kids. A healthy relationship with PG Owner will bring positivity which effects on study and on all over personality of the student.

Mostly PG in Kota doesn't provide food and other required amenities. Students arrange food from Tiffin centers or cook their own. This leads to health issues and also high in cost.

2. Hostel in Kota

There is a number of Hostels in Kota. They provide single or double occupancy rooms for students. AC rooms are also available in hostels or PG in Kota as summers are much warmer than normal days. Apart from that, hostels in Kota also provide food and other amenities like laundry, Power backup and many more based on the necessities. As Compare to PG in Kota, Hostels are cost-effective and provide the best facilities to students. Students do not need to worry about anything because everything is already settled.

Compare Hostel and PG on the basis of below points

A. Cost

One has to opt for a more cost-effective solution and as we discussed Hostels are more cost-effective than PG in Kota. Extra Cost parameter for Hostel and PG in Kota includes Distance from Coaching and Food. As we have explained mostly PG in Kota don't provide food facilities and one has to go for Tiffin centers and other solutions. Students also need to arrange some basic utility solutions like Beddings, Bath utilities, Utensils and etc.

All these things increase allover costs. Mostly all hostels provide three-time meal and Milk/Tea/Coffee and cab facility to nearby coaching areas.

B. Study Environment

In PG there is a family environment which is bad or good both for students. In a hostel, there is number of students staying under a single roof and they really wanted to crack JEE and other competitive exams. Here you can easily solve doubts and cope up with others in the preparation. In the hostel, your friends would always guide you with important things. You would always feel active in the competitive environment.

C. Security

PG owners in Kota restrict late entries of students in the house to avoid disturbance in their sleep. On the other hand Hostels in Kota is more attentive towards the security of a student. Some of the good Hostels has 24/7 security guards, Cameras and Biometric attendance system. This gives more satisfaction to parents. Fix hours of entry and exit, records of entry and exits, availability of food and other facilities under single roof maintains a secure and satisfactory environment for students.

All these things increase allover costs. Mostly all hostels provide three-time meal and Milk/Tea/Coffee and cab facility to nearby coaching areas.

D. Amenities

PG in Kota provides single and double occupancy rooms, Bed, Mattress and Pillow, Cooler/AC. Hostels in Kota are providing single and double or triple sharing rooms. Best hostel Kota additionally provides 3 times Meals, Computer with internet and printing, 24x7 Caretaker, Career Guidance, Library, Mini-Kitchen, Mini-Gym, sports area etc.

E. Recreation

Staying without parents in a new city with an unknown environment is not an easy task. Students need a comfort level or a quick listener around them. In hostel you stay in a similar group having the same kind of problems and issues. Usually, they understand each other and guide towards right path. You can easily discuss deep things with your hostel mates which is less in PG in Kota. Mental support saves you from depression increase chances of recreation.

Undoubtedly Hostels in Kota are better than PG in Kota. So one should choose a Hostel. Vasanti Residency provides an environment where you can get all facilities of Hostel and a caring environment like any other PG in Kota. Here at Vasanti Residency, you will get Hygienic Food, Clean Mess, Filtered Drinking Water, Medical Facility, Sports Area, GYM and 24/7 security under CCTV Camera surveillance.

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