Water And Food Facilities in Kota Hostels

Kota is famous as an educational city in India. There are thousands of students come to prepare for many competitive exams like IIT JEE, JEE Advanced, NEET - UG, AIIMS. Mostly Parents has high expectations from their kids. As they invest a high amount on their studies and well being. Recent investigations revealed that due to irregular eating habits and unhygienic consumption of fast food, the immune system of the students goes down.

What are the reasons behind the poor health of students at Kota??

Here are the basic problems of the poor health of students in Kota hostels:

Water facility in Kota Hostels

Water facilities in Kota Hostels are worst. The water is hard and somewhat unhygienic too. Although some water treatment plants are installed at coaching centres and hostels in Kota they all not work properly. Again the staff and management of Kota Hostels do not take this as a serious problem. Water impurity in hostels is responsible for the poor health of students.

Food facility in Kota Hostels

It is a very common problem with lots of hostels in Kota. In starting, Most of the best Kota Hostels serve high quality of food and variety of dishes but as the day pass, the quality degrades from worse to worst. Most of the time there is some repeat menu is served by Hostels like potato dishes and paneer dishes. In summers, it becomes more unhealthy to eat spicy and oily food. In this situation, students have only one option and that is run after the various food corners and open messes where they can have desire meal to satisfy their hunger. Tiffin system options are also available in Kota but the quality of food in these Tiffin is also the same.

Health is wealth. Health should be the first priority for all students. An unhealthy student cannot concentrate on their studies neither they prepare hard for their exams nor they perform. A student should prefer a hostel where he can get hygienic water and good and healthy food facility so that they can prevent themselves from any health issues and achieve their aim successfully.

For Vasanti Residency students health is prior than anything. Vasanti Residency always keeps this in mind that health is important for students. That is why Vasanti Residency provides a hygienic, healthy and good quality home like the food at our Hostel Mess and 24x7 purifying water at hostel campus. We have modern, well-furnished and comfortable rooms in Kota to create a healthy study environment for students.

Whenever you are in Kota, come and have a look at the services that Vasanti Residency provide. It has most cost-effective, best for girls and boys and provides the best facilities as compared to other hostels.

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